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We generate real-world evidence to support your product position, improve market access and sustain growth.

Health Analytics coordinates and conducts research projects focused on your need for evidence, culminating in published results adding to your credibility in the target disease state or treatment class.

Despite record spending on employee health benefits, declining productivity was really cutting into our margin. Health Analytics worked with our HMO to help us recognize the impact of health conditions we’d overlooked.”


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Bridging the gap in HEOR

Bridging the Evidence Gap in HEOR Since 2005

Pharma, device, and digital therapeutic manufacturer brand teams need data-driven support for formulary placement of treatments.

Our health economics and outcomes research consulting services bridge the gap between product messaging and the scientific evidence and market intelligence needed to support them. 

The core of the scientific evidence plan are the studies and analytics performed to generate needed evidence. 

As a health economics consultancy, we provide HEOR industry expertise and services that include evidence generation planning, the generation of evidence through research execution and oversight, and the translation of scientific results into market access intelligence for our clients.

Health Analytics is driven by a philosophy that expertise and experience in data analytics and research today can ensure a healthier patient population tomorrow.

Founded in Excellence.

Health Analytics was founded in 2005 by health economics consultant Dr. Charles Ruetsch, a thought leader in health economics and outcomes research.

We provide evidence generation planning, the generation of evidence, including all scientific components, and the translation of scientific results into market access intelligence.

Built on a foundation of research integrity and collaboration between payers, Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs), providers, and manufacturers, Health Analytics has quickly become a leading HEOR consultancy staffed by a full team of research experts.

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Research Analytics for Pharmaceuticals

Our approach to research is to meet your clinical, pharmacoeconomic, or other health care outcomes needs while observing the most advanced analytical techniques and rigorous scientific protocols. We know you face complex challenges and we are here to help!

The HEOR Consulting Services We Provide

Health economics and outcomes research to give your therapeutic product true market access intelligence.

Evaluating evidence gaps, or “gap analysis,” is key to evidence generation plan development.

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The evidence generation process starts with marketing messages supporting the product.


Translating study findings into credible real-world evidence to support marketing.

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