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The fundamentals of who we are and how we help our clients.

Boutique HEOR Services

Founded in 2005, Health Analytics has become a nationally recognized thought leader in Health Economics and Outcomes Research, or HEOR. We are a small boutique HEOR organization that prides itself on providing “white glove” service. 

We meet all of your HEOR needs from development of evidence generation plans, design and execution of HEOR studies to generate needed evidence to translation of new evidence into market access intelligence and materials. Lots of companies can do this. However there are very few companies that can do all three and that’s increasingly what we’re being called to do by our pharmaceutical, device and digital therapeutic industry clients as well as other consulting firms. 

Our leaders serve as principal investigators that are involved throughout the process starting with evidence generation planning, thorough study design and execution and translation into market access intelligence. You will not be sold a project by a senior researcher only to find that it was delegated downward to junior staff members. Our senior research staff remain involved throughout the duration of the study. This is possibly through prudent and judicious selection of projects. We believe that not every project is a good fit with Health Analytics. Also, we limit the number of projects that we can complete each year. The result is a good balance between efficient project execution and expert project oversight by sentient research staff and company principals. 

What is HEOR and Who are our Clients?

Based on rigorously designed research methods, HEOR focuses on understanding the economic and clinical health outcomes consequences of therapeutic interventions and of specific treatment decisions. 

Our clients are pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical device manufacturers, and consumer and provider-facing digital health organizations. In addition, we routinely collaborate with health plans, employers, and health systems, embedding sponsored HEOR studies within their systems. 

Our clients must make daily decisions as to how to position, pay for, or recommend therapeutic options to their clients or patients, and require data, often from our collaborators, to make the most informed, thoughtful, cost-effective, and clinically beneficial decisions. 

By partnering with our clients, Health Analytics is able to conduct research that translates data into strategic guidance and actionable business intelligence, as well as evidence to support clinical decisions and insights. 

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