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Translating to Market Access

The final step takes the results and evidence gathered and transforms the scientific communications into marketable messaging. 

Translating to Market Access

Translational Science

Translating study findings into credible real-world evidence that directly supports specific marketing messages requires both scholarly analysis and communications expertise. The resulting market intelligence is often used both directly as well as through peer-reviewed publications to facilitate appropriate product positioning and uptake.

For example, a client’s market access team could present the real-world evidence to managed care organizations and their formulary and therapeutics committees to facilitate a greater understanding of how to best position the product, along with deciding on access and pricing. 

We develop and publish peer-reviewed manuscripts and conference presentations to assist with such alignment. Additionally, we develop mechanisms for communicating to our clients’ market more directly through patient education campaigns, creation of white papers, and dissemination of professional articles, often using both hard-copy and digital media.